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Are you a licensed Realtor?

Yes, all agents are licensed Realtors in the state of Texas.

What areas of Houston do you work in?

We specialize in the Greater Houston area but have extended knowledge in certain suburban neighborhoods.

How is your service free?

Our clients do not pay for our service because the apartment they lease with will pay our locator's fee when "This is Houston Team" is put on the referral section of the application.

When should I begin my apartment search?

Between 60-90 days prior to your move date is ideal to ensure accurate pricing and availability, this can vary on your current lease or if you are relocating.

Can you help me buy or sell a home?

Yes, we can help our clients buy, sell, or lease a home.

Do you help find corporate leases or properties eligile for Airbnb?

No, we only assist with long term standard leases.

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